Ardurra is a multidisciplinary services firm, providing broad-based solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of the public and private sector. As a responsive and nimble partner, we take ownership of every project to ensure success. We leverage the depth of our professional and technical expertise, as well as our integrated structure, to deliver practical, innovative solutions for our clients. Our core services include…


Water supply, wastewater treatment, effluent disposal and reuse will continue to be critical issues for municipalities, private utilities and businesses. As populations grow and economic opportunity expands, new sources of water need to be developed and additional means of wastewater and biosolids treatment, reuse and disposal grow. Ardurra’s forward thinking water and wastewater engineers work diligently with clients to plan, design, permit and construct systems that address these needs in a comprehensive and holistic manner. This enables our clients to make smarter investments with lower life cycle costs and multiple benefits.

Ardurra’s water group consists of seasoned engineers, hydrologists and environmental scientists. We leverage the latest computer modeling programs combined with traditional engineering and business solutions to find the right solutions for our clients.

Water & Wastewater Treatment

Water & Wastewater Conveyance

Water Resources

Water Supply Planning & Reuse

Aquatic Life Support Systems

Hydrologic & Hydraulic Modeling

Regulatory Permitting & Compliance

  Land Development

Ardurra’s land development services are predicated on a thorough understanding of our client’s objectives and project goals. We can provide detailed site evaluation and due diligence support as well as design, permitting and construction administration. We have an extensive understanding of regulatory requirements within our geographic service areas and maintain a strong and respected relationship with local agencies. Ardurra’s multi-discipline capabilities allow us to identify site constraints, development opportunities as well as regulatory compliance matters and enable us to integrate all these factors into a comprehensive design approach.

Land Use Evaluations & Due Diligence Assistance

Entitlement and Regulatory Planning

Conceptual Master Planning

Civil Site Design & Permitting

Ecological Sciences

Landscape Architecture

Single & Multi Family Residential

Urban In-Fill / Redevelopment

Mixed Use Development

Commercial, Office, Retail





  Public Works

As the demand to improve municipal infrastructure increases while funding remains a challenge, Ardurra has the experience and expertise to assist public agencies to find cost efficient infrastructure solutions. We recognize the very diverse and unique needs of our municipal clients and we work closely alongside local, state, and federal regulatory agencies to find economical and environmentally balanced solutions. Ardurra’s multi-discipline capabilities enables us to offer our clients a seamless team of planners, surveyors, scientists and engineers for a more integrated and cost effective project delivery.

Municipal Utility Planning & Design

Urban & Rural Stormwater Management

Hydraulic & Hydrologic Engineering

Flood Control

Coastal Engineering

Solid Waste

Transportation, Roadways/Bridges

Geographic Information Systems

  Disaster Management

Ardurra’s disaster management capabilities include planning, mitigation, recovery and close out as well as grant application development and overall program management. Ardurra has extensive experience and hands on working knowledge of federal programs and funding mechanisms. Ardurra knows how to navigate the system and we know when and where to tap into funding sources. We understand the rules to ensure funding sources are maximized and not jeopardized.

Disaster Related Engineering Capabilities. Ardurra routinely furnishes post disaster engineering assessment, design and construction phase services to repair, restore and harden water, wastewater and drainage facilities, streets and bridges, levees and flood control structures and shorelines. Ardurra’s in-house civil, structural, environmental, mechanical and hydraulic engineers have extensive experience in modeling, planning and hazard mitigation design. We understand the specific issues involved in assessments, emergency repairs, design, construction and closeout services as they relate to federal authorities and funding mechanisms.

Planning & Training

Emergency Management Plan Development

Emergency Recovery

Disaster Engineering

Grant Application Development & Management

IT / Database Development & Management

Compliance & Reporting

Financial, Payroll & Grant Management

Procurement & Contract Monitoring

Insurance Support

Alternative Funding Sources Support

Debris Monitoring & Management


Ardurra provides comprehensive structural engineering for a broad range of commercial, public, civil works and institutional projects. Our structural solutions balance practicality with innovation to adapt to often difficult sites or unusual building concepts. We work across a variety of building types including office, education, industrial, residential, government, pharmaceutical and healthcare as well as transportation, flood control/hydraulic and public works facilities.

Having prepared structural design for millions of square feet and hundreds of civil works projects, we strive to be a proactive team player in the collaborative process for all phases of design and construction to successfully meet project goals.

Planning & Design

Condition Assessment

Forensic Evaluation


Bridges & Transportation Facilities

Flood Control/Drainage Structures

Pumping Stations

Public Works Facilities



Ardurra’s professional land surveyors, field crews and technicians have the experience necessary to provide the innovative thinking and technical skills required to meet our clients’ unique needs. Ardurra uses state-of-the-art surveying equipment, including real-time global positioning systems equipment using Virtual Reference Station (VRS) networks which eliminates the need to set up a conventional GPS base station, wireless robotic total stations with data collectors and digital levels. These tools enable rapid collection of data and, combined with our advanced technologies in data transfer, Ardurra can wirelessly transmit information to and from the office, download files, collect and report work status and upload completed job files before the survey crews leave the field.

Ardurra offers high definition 3D LASER scanning which is a safer means of rapidly collecting data and mitigating risk to field crews by not having to physically locate in potentially hazardous environments. This technology has proven to be extremely accurate and provide more detailed information than conventional optical plane surveying. By using advanced 3D digital scanners, we can bring the project from the field to our desktops as a total 3D model. Utilizing VRS with laser scanning the project 3D model can be accurately placed in any required horizontal and vertical datum.

Boundary & Topographic Surveys

Platting & Developer Survey Services

Construction Layout & As-Built

ALTA / NSPS Surveys

3D Laser Scanning and Modeling

Wetland Surveys

Tree Inventories

Hydrographic Surveys

Mean High Water Line Surveys

Survey Forensics

Aerial Imagery & 3D Modeling

UAV Imaging


Ardurra brings more than 30 years of experience designing aquatic life support systems for zoos, aquariums and marine parks. Focusing on quality functional designs that incorporate innovative strategies to lower operational costs, reduce energy consumption, provide operational flexibility and minimize construction costs. Our designs factor in considerations including environmental, regulatory, animal health, aesthetics, financing, operation and maintenance and curatorial philosophy. Our expertise stems the full cycle—from planning, to design, to procurement, to startup, to maintenance. Our world-class aquariums have become a cornerstone for tourism and economic development projects, marine research laboratories, mammal and whale exhibition stadiums, and encounter habitats.

Wet Infrastructure

Aquatic Life Support Systems

Aquatic Exhibits

Aquarium Design


Marine Parks

Marine Research Laboratories

Educational Facilities

Water Balance Modeling


Ardurra’s full service environmental and ecological capabilities include cost-effective services in the areas of municipal and private development, utilities, agricultural activities permitting, and ecosystems management services. We know the importance of protecting the environment while achieving project goals. We believe that innovative thinking and up-front planning can lead to a more cost effective and successful project solution.


  • Local, State, and Federal Environmental Permitting
  • Utility Right Away Permitting
  • Dock and Marina Permitting
  • Maintenance Dredge Permitting
  • Expert Witness Testimony


  • Agricultural field and drainage design
  • Preparation of state agricultural permits, regulatory, interaction and water use permitting
  • Water use data collection and compliance
  • Flowmeter calibration testing


  • Wetland delineation
  • Hydric soils determinations
  • Seasonal high water table determinations
  • Tree evaluations
  • Grand/heritage tree evaluations
  • Seagrass Surveys
  • GIS and CADD Mapping
  • Use of Sub-meter GPS
  • Environmental and GIS Data Management

Ecosystem Management

  • Nuisance species removal and treatment
  • Upland and wetland restoration planting
  • Wetland mitigation plantings
  • Mitigation area and natural area maintenance
  • Mangrove trimming
  • Wetland Delineations
  • Hydroperiod Determinations
  • Wetland Mitigation Design
  • Wetland/Lake Management Plans
  • Ecosystem Restoration Design
  • Seagrass Mapping
  • Stormwater O&M Inspections
  • Wetland/Mitigation Monitoring
  • Wetland Functional Assessments
  • Stream Condition Index Sampling
  • Water Quality Monitoring


  • Bald Eagle monitoring and permitting
  • Gopher tortoise surveys
  • Gopher tortoise permitting
  • Gopher tortoise excavation and relocation
  • Scrub jay surveys
  • Scrub jay permitting
  • Sand skink surveys
  • General wildlife evaluations and agency coordination
  • Listed Species Assessments
  • Vegetation and Wildlife Surveys
  • Species-specific Surveys
  • Habitat/Environmental Management Plans