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City Of New Orleans Master Drainage Plan

City of New Orleans Master Drainage Plan 2

Ardurra prepared a detailed master drainage report of three water sheds that are tributary to City Drainage Pump Stations 1 and 6. The project was carried out in four phases. Phase I, Data Collection, included using surface drainage unit sheets, ground surface elevation data from LIDAR data, and GIS maps to create a surface water model of the drainage pump stations. Phase II, Model Development, included review of several unsteady flow surface water modeling systems, review of a section of a model system, and development of a hydrologic and hydraulic module to evaluate existing drainage system and future system improvements. Using historical rainfall data, Ardurra calibrated the modeling system to the watershed characteristics. Phase III, used calibrated model to develop existing conditions and flagged fall deficiencies in the watershed and tested alternative channel improvements along with unit costs. Phase IV included summarizing all activities in a master drainage report which included existing conditions overflow maps and maps with improvements, preliminary design, costs and comparative water surface profiles on major culvert/canals with and without improvements. Ardurra prioritized sequence of projects and outlined a funding stream to carry out the plan.

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