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Johnny Mercer Pier And Pier House

Johnny Mercer Pier

Ardurra served as prime consultant and furnished structural engineering services for the construction of a new 940 foot x 21 foot concrete pier. The concrete pier replaced the original timber pier that was damaged during a hurricane. The pier consists of pre-cast/pre-stressed concrete piles and cored slabs. The concrete mix utilized a corrosion inhibitor and other mix parameters to provide a pier life of 50 years along with epoxy coated reinforcing and coated piles. The design included a platform to house a new pier house.

Ardurra provided structural engineering services to the pier house architect, George Alsina. The two-story, 5,000 SF pier house was constructed with concrete walls, a timber first floor system bearing on the concrete platform, and a poured concrete slab on metal deck for the second floor. The roof system consisted of pre-manufactured timber roof trusses and moment-resisting steel frames.

Johnny Mercer Pier 3

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