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National Museum Of Marine Biology And Aquarium

National Museum of Marine Biology Taiwan3

This project focused on the design of life support systems for this $160M aquarium, husbandry center, utility building, and dormitory complex. The National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium (NMMBA) is located at Checheng in Pingtung County and is the largest marine life museum in Asia. The main exhibit halls include Waters of Taiwan, a 2-million gallon Coral Kingdom Pavilion, and Waters of the World which opened in 2006.

The facility offers a moving track along an underwater tunnel. The tank has a water capacity of 1.5-MG of water and is more than 260 feet long, the largest underwater tunnel in Asia. The life support system regulates the water quality for all of the aquarium exhibits and includes a supervision system and a complicated system of pipelines essential to the operation and maintenance of the museum.

National Museum of Marine Biology Taiwan4

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