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On-call Municipal Engineering Services

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Ardurra has a multi-year contract with the City Public Works Department to provide municipal engineering services. Tasks include reviewing land use applications, plan checking development grading and improvement plans, inspecting approved land development construction, inspecting approved work in the public right-of-way, public works encroachment permit inspection, capital improvement project design, construction management and inspection, water quality program management and providing additional staff on an as-needed basis.

Primary services have involved engineering implementation of the City’s Opportunity Studies Area (OSA) that comprises five developments totaling over 4,000 housing units; design of the Los Alisos Boulevard resurfacing project; conducting the annual sidewalk survey; and inspection of the catch basin insert project. The OSA projects involve plan check and inspection of all facets of development including map approval; rough grading; precise grading; street and storm drain improvements; park development; and median and parkway improvements.

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