SeaWorld Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi, UAE

In collaboration with SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment, SeaWorld Abu Dhabi is set to be one of the largest indoor marine parks in the world when it opens its doors to the public in 2023. In addition to the World’s largest marine-life aquarium, the facility will include Yas SeaWorld Research and Rescue Center, the UAE’s first dedicated marine research, rescue, rehabilitation and return center. The Center will focus on indigenous Gulf marine life, and provides a place for education, research and study to the local marine science and aquaculture community, carrying on SeaWorld’s tradition of global conservation and animal rescue. Species in the Center can range from invertebrates such as coral and anenomes to mammal resucues such as dugongs or cetaceans.

PCA/Ardurra has provided engineering services for the project from the concept design phase through to current day in which the project is about 50% complete through the construction phase. Services included the design for the various Life Support Systems located through out the facility including the systems that are both recirculating (filtration, ozonation or UV disinfection, temperature control, proteing skimming,bio-filtration, degassing, nutrient control) and flow through. PCA developed the design for the facilities sea-water intake, treatment and distribution systems as well as designing discharge treatment to meet local sanitary and stormwater regulations.