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Ardurra’s emergency management capabilities include planning, mitigation, recovery and close out as well as grant application development and overall program management.

Ardurra has extensive experience and hands on working knowledge of federal programs and funding mechanisms. Ardurra knows how to navigate the system and we know when and where to tap into funding sources. We understand the rules to ensure funding sources are maximized and not jeopardized.

Emergency Related Engineering Capabilities. Ardurra routinely furnishes post emergency engineering assessment, design and construction phase services to repair, restore and harden water, wastewater and drainage facilities, streets and bridges, levees and flood control structures and shorelines. Ardurra’s in-house civil, structural, environmental, mechanical and hydraulic engineers have extensive experience in modeling, planning and hazard mitigation design. We understand the specific issues involved in assessments, emergency repairs, design, construction and closeout services as they relate to federal authorities and funding mechanisms.

What We Do

  • 01. Planning & Training

  • 02. Emergency Management Plan Development

  • 03. Emergency Recovery

  • 04. Disaster Engineering

  • 05. Grant Application Development & Management

  • 06. IT / Database Development & Management

  • 07. Compliance & Reporting

  • 08. Financial, Payroll & Grant Management

  • 09. Procurement & Contract Monitoring

  • 10. Insurance Support

  • 11. Alternative Funding Sources Support

  • 12. Debris Monitoring & Management

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