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With today’s ever-expanding population, aging infrastructure and increased traffic volumes, transportation plays a vital role in the economic growth and globalization of today’s established communities. Ardurra works with our clients to develop customized, sustainable, and cost-effective designs for building and maintaining infrastructure. With a portfolio of over 500 transportation projects from roadway maintenance designs for grass roots roadways to full complete street reconstruction, our clients have relied on our expertise in comprehensive planning, engineering design, and construction management to provide safe and efficient transportation solutions.

What We Do

  • 01. Transportation Planning, Route Studies, and Schematic Design

  • 02. Bridge Layouts, Pavement, and Geometric Design

  • 03. Minor, Major/Complex Roadway, and Interchange Design

  • 04. Hydrology and Hydraulic Designs for Channels and Crossings

  • 05. Storm Drain System Analysis and Design

  • 06. Intersection Improvements and Safety Enhancements

  • 07. Bicycle/Pedestrian Trails and Facilities

  • 08. Roadway Construction Management and Inspection

  • 09. Construction Plans, Specifications, and Estimates

  • 10. Signing, Pavement Markings, Channelization, and Traffic Signal Design

  • 11. Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan Design (SW3P)

  • 12. Environmental Permitting

  • 13. Utility Coordination

  • 14. Surveying and Right-of-Way Mapping and Monitoring

  • 15. Traffic Control Plan Design