Nassau County Superstorm Sandy Recovery Program

Nassau County, New York

Ardurra served as program manager providing recovery assistance and expert advisory services in Nassau County following Superstorm Sandy.

Ardurra’s scope of work included implementing master systems and processes; financial tracking; application development and tracking; data management and reporting; expert advisory services related to FEMA, HUD CDBG-DR, and multiple funding mechanisms; grant management and administration; engineering support; debris management and oversight; procurement of professional services and contractors; and development of contracts compliant with federal funds guidelines. Ardurra’s initial role in Nassau County was short- term FEMA emergency repair and Project Worksheet development. Ardurra’s knowledgeable and committed team earned the trust of Nassau County and continued to manage the long-term recovery program. Ardurra identified five additional funding sources for a variety of projects to include FEMA, HUD CDBG-DR, FHWA, USDA, New York Environmental Facilities Corporation, and EFC Storm Mitigation Loan Program.

Bay Park Sewage Treatment Plant. Ardurra was instrumental in securing funds for the largest single project ever funded by FEMA – the $810M Bay Park STP. Ardurra key staff worked closely and tirelessly with the County, Senators, Governor, and FEMA Director to secure the funds.