Trinity River Authority Denton Creek Regional Wastewater System Peak Flow Storage and Rehabilitation

Denton Creek, TX

Ardurra is supporting a wet weather flow storage initiative for the Trinity River Authority’s Denton Creek Regional Wastewater System. Key features of our project include:

  • Performing Wet Weather Flow Modeling
  • Evaluating Storage Alternatives
  • Developing a Wet Weather Management Plan

The project includes the evaluation and design of new wet weather flow storage facilities to temporarily store peak wet weather flows and reduce the impact of increased flows on the treatment plant. The team analyzed historical rainfall data in conjunction with a collection system hydraulic model to determine impacts to flows resulting from extended wet weather periods. This unique analysis yielded a roadmap for developing a methodology that allowed the owner to select an appropriate storage volume in correlation to the acceptable percentage of USGS storm covered (from 0- up to 100-year storm criteria).

This approach allowed designers to take full advantage of the collection system characteristics to optimize storage volume versus storm coverage. As part of the process, a Pollutograph, representative of a typical “first flush” event was developed. The recommended storage alternative includes odor control, a flushing system for storage tanks, and a return flow pumping system. The project will accommodate wet weather events and provide additional operational flexibility for construction sequencing and other process needs for 65 percent of storm events.