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Ardurra brings more than 30 years of experience designing aquatic life support systems for zoos, aquariums and marine parks.

Focusing on quality functional designs that incorporate innovative strategies to lower operational costs, reduce energy consumption, provide operational flexibility and minimize construction costs. Our designs factor in considerations including environmental, regulatory, animal health, aesthetics, financing, operation and maintenance and curatorial philosophy. Our expertise stems the full cycle—from planning, to design, to procurement, to startup, to maintenance. Our world-class aquariums have become a cornerstone for tourism and economic development projects, marine research laboratories, mammal and whale exhibition stadiums, and encounter habitats.

What We Do

  • 01. Wet Infrastructure

  • 02. Aquatic Life Support Systems

  • 03. Aquatic Exhibits

  • 04. Aquarium Design

  • 05. Zoos

  • 06. Marine Parks

  • 07. Marine Research Laboratories

  • 08. Educational Facilities

  • 09. Water Balance Modeling

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