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Ardurra provides comprehensive structural engineering for a broad range of commercial, public, civil works and institutional projects. Our structural solutions balance practicality with innovation to adapt to often difficult sites or unusual building concepts.

We work across a variety of building types including office, education, industrial, residential, government, pharmaceutical and healthcare as well as transportation, flood control/hydraulic and public works facilities.

Having prepared structural design for millions of square feet and hundreds of civil works projects, we strive to be a proactive team player in the collaborative process for all phases of design and construction to successfully meet project goals.

What We Do

  • 01. Planning & Design

  • 02. Condition Assessment

  • 03. Forensic Evaluation

  • 04. Foundations

  • 05. Bridges & Transportation Facilities

  • 06. Flood Control/Drainage Structures

  • 07. Pumping Stations

  • 08. Public Works Facilities

  • 09. Buildings

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